November Babies Part II

Happy birthday to Wayne, Eric, Shi Hai, Hidayah, and Ferisa! What a mouthful, hahaha. It’s always a challenge when we try to sing Happy Birthday to multiple babies at once – out of the dozens of times we’ve sang, we have NEVER been synchronized. Too many cooks spoil the broth, you might say. Despite the botched singing (every. single. time.), …


Coffee, please!

When it’s time to select the ‘chosen ones’ for our monthly Starbucks tradition, you can see everyone tensing up, praying that their names aren’t selected. Since Ahtiqha, Cheryl, Eric, Raff, and Xiu Hui had the most number of late tickets, they were chosen to sacrifice their wallets to the demands of their coffee-crazy colleagues. Thanks for the drinks! We very …


November Babies Part I

It’s our monthly love affair with cake and…oops, I mean, it’s time to celebrate someone’s birthday again! (Hehehe.) We have quite a number of November babies, so we decided to throw a party for this Marketing Maestro’s birthday first, since it fell in the earlier part of the month. We got him Châteraisé’s “Crispy Chocolate Cake”, which wasn’t really crispy …


Lunch at Lokkee’s

For our October company lunch, we set off for Lokkee located at Plaza Singapura. An East meets West fusion restaurant, its menu is based on American Chinese take-out food. But fret not, they are made from fresh ingredients and are absolutely delicious – a far cry from those found overseas in cosmopolitan cities, like London and Sydney. Upon entering the …


Happy birthday, October babies!

Halloween falls on October and it brings to mind haunted houses, ghosts, and zombies. However, at Truegenics, it’s all smiles, pastel colors, and good cheer because we’re celebrating the special day of our October babies! And what better way to celebrate this magical day with a unicorn cake? Have a happy and blessed day, Sue and Rebecca!